Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stress Busters Any One?

Most of us take on to freelancing with the thought that finally one would be able to regulate and control their work schedule and work at their own will. But it is seen that even this free at will work regime crumbles under the toll of stress if not managed properly. I too suffered from the same issue a few months after I started working as a freelance content writer. But then slowly i also realised means and ways to control it. It is important to find that 'perfect' stress buster that works the best for you. Not because it will help you increase your productivity at work but also because it will keep you happy and spirited. In my case I have found the following work best for me to help control/combat stress.

1. I limit the work which I take. For any freelancer the chance to work on multiple projects seems to be the best that could be possible but one does not realise the amount of stress it gets with it. when you have with you much more work than what you could easily handle then you are bound to feel the pressure of delivering on time. I have also realised that when I am working on several projects at one go it kind of decreases my work output and the results too could have been better. I have therefore made it a point to work only on a few projects at one go and deliver my best towards them.

2. I now make a schedule and most importantly STICK to it. It is important to have a rough time plan for everyday when one starts work. What is more important is that one stops work when the time is up. This will ensure that you get some quality time for yourself.

3. I find taking small breaks thought my work schedule very helpful. I make use of these breaks to read a book, cook a quick snack or listen to some music. I refrain from using this time doing something sitting at my work place. What is important for these breaks is that that you move away from your work place and feel fresh.

4. I also get stressed when i see myself moving behind deadlines. In my case the major culprit here are the distractions in the form twitter, face book and emails. To control this I have now slotted fixed time slots in my schedule when i go and attend to them and therefore do not spend my time checking for mails and notification randomly.

These tips work for me but might not for you. what is important is that you identify those for yourself and then stick to it. You yourself will be amazed by the positive results that you see for yourself in your routine.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

A First: MBA Essays

Lately I have been occupied helping a friend with his essays for his MBA applications. With the list of institutes amounting to 4 there are good about 12 odd essays to tackle. Till now I had not worked on this kind of project because of 2 main reasons. Firstly, none came my way and secondly I was too scared to try looking for them! :) yeah.. i don't know why but the thought that the person's career depended on these essays was enough to scare me off! But when this my friend approached me for help I could not say no and therefore took it as a shot to scare the thought off.

Working with these essays there were some main things which stood out:
1. The word limit! This can turn out to be the most excruciating part of the entire exercise as it is very difficult to round up such elaborate topics within the said word limit.
2. The aim of grabbing the attention of the reader right from the first sentence. I thought of the fact that the aim here is to grab the attention of the reader in the midst of thousands of odd applications and for the same it was required that it have a good start. Also an impactful ending which can leave the reader curious will increase the probability of your application being selected.
3. Not making the essay sound drab and mechanical. It is very important to make it feel personal and something which is right from the heart.
4. Refraining from using too many big words. It is best to make use of simple words and short sentences in your essays. An overdose of too many big words will make it sound very artificial.
5. Never exaggerate and spin tales in your essays. You have to remember that your interview will very much be based on your essays so it is important to stick to true facts.
6. Keep in mind to keep all your essays in the same flow and ensure that you do not end up disputing your own thoughts in your essays. They should all have a common theme revolving around them.

Since the essays have not been submitted I cannot show them here. So it is going to be some wait till I can put them here. It will be a great opportunity to showcase that rare "before" and "after" moment! :)


Friday, November 6, 2009

The Link For The Not-For Profit Dance Foundation

My last content writing assignment, the not for profit dance foundation is up and live. I was emailed the link last night. Thought I will put it on the blog for all to view and share their comments!

The academy is called Guiding Star Dance Foundation and the link for the same is

A couple of changes( nothing major though) has been suggested by me to the client regarding the arrangement of the text on certain web pages. Apart from these web pages there will be the addition of 1 new page. It will have a membership form for willing guests to fill and become a member of this foundation.