Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Process Has Been Initiated!

I have started writing the content for my own website. I will be registering it as But the dilemma that I am facing right now is that should i take the services of a professional web designer or try and do it myself using the pre made templates. I wish it to be chic and professional looking. I plan to give it a try myself first and the decide if it matches my expectations. I have opened an account on and am having a look at their templates. the only issue there is that it is providing the services of only 2 fonts which is just not enough. I am planning to make a slide show of my portfolio as well as my testimonials which I will the subsequently put up there. I hope to see the final result to be good and with the cliched "wow" factor.... guess with clients using it to much I have incorporated this word in my vocab!!


Friday, May 29, 2009


Hello world! I am Niha Redhu and I am content writer. I had been contemplating about it since long to start a blog wherein I would talk about my work and my experiences while doing the same. Finally I have taken the plunge and will now be writing here as and when I start new assignments and projects. I am also in the process of making the blue print of my own website which will work as my portfolio to all the work that t I have done till now. I will be updating all the progress on it here now! See you all regularly now!! till then happy writing! Retweet