Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year

Ok.. so the last blog entry here in this blog is dated 1st October 2010. Wow! That is some gap between the posts!

To begin with, here's wishing the all of you a very happy new year. May this New Year bring in your lives all the love and luck that you wish for.

Now moving on to as to where i had disappeared for so long.. To begin with, the year 2010 ended on a very sweet note for me.. We were blessed with a beautiful daughter on the 26th of October. :) As expected, things post that have been pretty hectic. Well no, hectic is surely one understatement! With a baby at home, the requirement to be around it is 24x7. Taking a break from work was a conscious decision for me.

So now after 3 months and after finally getting into some sort of a routine and help at home I am attempting to get back to my assignments and work all over again. The process would be slow but yes, steady and regular. I now expect myself to get back to my routine with my blog too and update it regularly with blog entries.

So let us now get back to our writing passion and wish that this new year has some awesome and interesting writing assignments in line for us to talk about and discuss here!