Saturday, January 23, 2010

Research On A SuperBowl Advertisement. Super Cool!

Work with iTrip is going on well. Am already done writing 5 blog posts for them and each of them were unique in a different way. Like I always say that what I like the best about my job is that I get to learn and know so many new things. Something on the same lines happened with iTrip too. I was to write a blog entry for them wherein their competitor (lets say company X) would be putting forward their advertisement during the Super Bowl!

My task here was to research on this very advertisement that company X plans to launch, bring in the advantages of advertising during the Superbowl and then link company X with iTrip! Interesting I say!

What I loved doing the most here was to research on the super bowl advertisements. With a sports crazy dad and husband here with me I had to know what super bowl was all about but never realised the potential that it could hold. Anyways, this assignment was a true blessing in disguise coz I could now understand the financial implications behind having the chance to air your promotions during that valuable time space of the super bowl.

Clients Brief: write me a blog on the super bowl advertisement that company X is doing during the super bowl. And how both them and iTrip is riding the same wave. Research on the up coming ad and tie iTrip into the blog in a positive way.

Neat I say!

With my job pretty much chalked out I knew what all I needed to focus on. I wanted to introduce iTrip in the article in a very subtle way so that it does not overpower the article. The article had to be based on company X but what i wanted the content to do was to make the reader leave the article with a clear recognition of iTrip.

Here is what parts of the final approved article looked like:

Drawing millions of viewers from around the world, the Super Bowl has produced some of the most memorable and effective commercials in the history of television. Interestingly, such is the craze of these super bowl commercials that a large chunk of its viewers tune in to watch Super Bowl just to catch these commercials. Producing an ad for Game Day is a huge strategic marketing task for any big company that can manage to afford the price tag associated with it......

......Hoping to reap similar benefit is the Austin based vacation rental company X. This company is making its first foray into Super Bowl advertising during CBS telecast of the February 7 game and aims towards successfully engaging people by means of their commercial to want them to see more. By means of this commercial, X wishes to capture the essence and need of proper accommodation while on a vacation and ..... Vacation Rental Companies like X and iTrip wish to serve the generation of ....What makes these vacation rentals all the more popular and interesting and finds a mention in this X commercial too, is the fact that this facility of vacation rentals can be availed at a cost which is far less than what you would end up paying for a hotel accommodation.

So when you go ahead and opt for vacation rentals offered by companies like iTrip and X, not only do you end up enjoying your holiday but at the same time you end up saving your money too! An exposure into the world of Super Bowl commercials will prove out to be good for vacation rental companies like X and iTrip. It will help them to take care of the low consumer awareness towards vacation rentals and will provide potential travelers with an additional accommodation option to consider when they plan their next vacation. ...


Friday, January 15, 2010

New Projects, New Waters To be Tested.. Bring Them On!

Personally this new year has begun with a mixed bag of goodies. I may have had to take it slow owing to some bad eating episodes which landed me with strange sounding medical issues but then what is important is making the most of what you have. I too made the most of this rest time which does show now on my reduced typing speed! ;) Too much of everything is bad they say huh... yeah yeah ok!

Anyways, speaking on the work front, things have started to look interesting here.. I was in talks with a few individuals regarding writing assignments and from the bunch a few of them do look to be turning positive. I have been asked by a travel website- itrip to write a couple of blog posts for their blog each week. A travel and a vacation rental website, the blog posts here have to be centered around a few specific keywords.

Client: itrip

Client Brief: A good write up centered around the provided keywords. A check on the keyword density is required and the language needs to be attractive yet persuasive to enable customers and readers to give the services of itrip a try.

After analyzing the content of the clients website and reading the previous blog posts as well as the range of services offered by itrip I made a brief for myself wherein I realized that ideally the content for the blog posts should:

1. Have a good description of the destination from a tourist's point of view.
2. The rental services offered by itrip should be mentioned clearly.
3. And lastly a connection between the above two should be created as to how itrip could help make a vacation to this place all the more better.

Following this I sent my first article last night to the client and got his approval too.

A couple of sections from this write up is pasted below for you guys to have a look.

There are some beach destinations which provide guests with serene scenic beauty and then there are some which appeal to party hoppers and crowd seekers. But if you are one of those who seek a bigger bite then welcome aboard! Forming a third different category are those beach destinations which choose to deliver a bit more.. a bit more of natural beauty coupled with a bit more of entertainment options. Welcome to fun unlimited. Welcome to the Panama City Beach.

A favorite vacation destination throughout the year, Panama City Beach offers around 27 miles of uninterrupted, charming and beautiful starchy white beaches shimmering against the emerald blue of the water.......... be your age or source of fun and entertainment Panama City Beach is bound to have something to suit your needs. It offers championship golf, great casual and fine dining, lifestyle shopping excursions, water sport options, amusement parks, electrifying nightlife and the good old-fashion entertainment under the sun......

We believe that a good and a comfortable place to stay form’s a very integral part of having a good relaxed vacation. Ideally your accommodation should allow you to experience your holiday destination and to feel a part of it without bringing you too close to the crowd. The Panama City Beach vacation rentals offered by itrip qualify to be your perfect home-away-from-home! .....

What works best in this assignment is that the number of articles expected to be delivered by me each month is not only easily manageable but at the same time would not affect my other regular assignments too...

Am in talks with another similar assignment... details when i manage to nail that too!! fingers crossed for sure! :)


Friday, January 8, 2010

The Anatomy Of Medical/Scientific Articles

Dear readers,

Before I begin, here's wishing the all of you a very happy, healthy and a prosperous new year! The year 2009 provided me the chance to try out different genres of projects. Some of them were technical and completely new to me. One similar category was that of medical writing, or simply said, article pertaining to diseases or medicine. There are some points which are required to be kept in mind when writing the content for these medical articles.

1. Since these are medical articles therefore it is very important to get the facts correct and verified. If the internet is used to carry out research then it is extremely important to validate the website that you are using to source the data/information for your article. There are several reputed medical websites that you can use for your research. These include; and

2. There is very little scope of playing around with the content here as most of these articles have a strict vocabulary that they need to adhere too.

3. It is generally preferred that these kind of articles have with them the list of references that were used/ consulted while drafting its content. This would make it easy for the readers to go back and consult the original paper if they seek any further clarifications.

4. There are strict principles to be followed when one goes ahead and writes the references. There is a fixed pattern to be followed while doing so. Ideally the reference should include; the authors name, the title of the work, a sub title if any, the publisher and the date when it was published. An example here world be Tierney, John (2006) Criminology: Theory and Context. 2nd Ed. Harlow:
Pearson/Longman. It is very important to remain consistent with the pattern that you follow.

5. Most of these medical articles include in them several definitions. It is very important not to alter the terms and language of these definitions and to try and use them as they are. It would be just like trying to formulate Newtons Law Of Motion in your own words! Pure catastrophe.

Keep these tips in mind and writing medical essays will no longer be a dreaded nightmare. Believe me.. I am the perfect case of been there seen all!! :)